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adult content ? | Yahoo Answers

i just got a warning Sam Summers because i posted adult content in an answer.

a young man had questions about his first time .

so, if i understand this correctly , there is no way to answer his question?

if a woman's boyfriend has a problem when they are alone(choosing my words very carefully) and she asks the advice of other men, there is no way i can answer the question?

a woman about to have her first child , wants to know if she should have her son (that medical procedure where they remove some skin from boys, but not girls) or if the baby should be fed from a bottle of the other natural way, there is no way to answer the question ?

in other words, you cant even use the proper medical terms ?

has anyone gotten in trouble for using proper medical terms ?

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Source: Celebrity sex tapes bankrolling porn industry

NEW YORK -  Sure, sex sells. Unless it's free.

That's the problem facing adult entertainment companies as Internet porn is available for no more than the cost of an online connection. From earning as much as $15 billion a year in the mid-2000s, the industry has shriveled to between $5 and $10 billion today, according to various estimates.

But one form of adult entertainment consumers will still apparently pay for is the celebrity sex tape. In fact, one adult industry insider tells FOX411 that the celebrity sex tape is basically keeping adult entertainment companies, including industry leader Vivid, afloat.

The source maintains that savvy women like Farrah Abraham, Myla Sinanaji, and Sydney Leathers are giving their 15 minutes of fame to adult companies to make professional pornos for big paydays, and the porn companies are scrambling to find more trashy stars like them to boost their bottom lines. 

"Vivid only makes money from celeb tapes. A porn video generates no income. Celebrity tapes sell," the source told FOX411. "They are finding women celebrities to make sex tapes. It was not a romantic relationship that Farrah had with James Deen. It was set up. (Reality star) Tila Tequila was staged with lighting with her girlfriends in Las Vegas."

The founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch, acknowledged the landscape of the porn industry has changed, and that D-list celebs now mean big money.

"I think that we're dealing with several issues. The one that most people talk about is the amount of free content on the Internet and how to deal with that. What we've chosen to do is work with free sites. One of the things that we did decide to do is work with celebrity sex tapes," he said. "What we did is we leased a celebrity sex tape with Farrah Abraham and we took a five minute clip and put it onto one of the three sites. And as a result of that, they had 12 million views of that five-minute clip within the first 10 days. We surrounded that clip with links back to, and then those people came to to watch the movie, which equated to $500,000 in sales."

But Hirsch would not go so far as to say Vivid relies on celebrity sex tape income to stay afloat.

"The one thing about celebrity sex tapes is they don't fall into any sort of schedule. Sometimes it's two or three in a row and then not any for a year. So it depends if we're able to find some or not," he said. "This year we've been lucky with Farrah and Sydney. Ultimately they are not a huge part of our business, but it's what helps to drive our brand, and gets the name out there, and drives traffic to all of the Vivid properties."

He does, however, acknowledge pursuing young women in the news. "Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes. We're very proactive," Hirsch said. "If we see something in the news we try to contact them or make them some sort of public offer."

Our sources say this pursuit is a huge change in how the industry works. Where companies like Vivid once waited for a homemade sex tape to be leaked to them - a la Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's tape in 1995 - nowadays, the company prefers to make them happen themselves.

Sydney Leathers, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's former sexting partner, was lured by the money and fame that a celebrity sex tape brings. In an early interview with FOX411, she said she had rejected an offer to make a sex tape with Vivid. But less than a week later, the 23-year-old did indeed shoot a porno with a porn pro for Vivid, for a large, undisclosed sum of money. 

According to Leathers, her change of heart happened because: "Everyone already thought I did it, so why not?"

Jasmine Waltz is a model and actress who has appeared in the films "Demon" and "Poker Run."  Waltz made a private sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, and told a tale of how Vivid not only wanted her to sign off on her personal tape, but make another one under the company's direction.

"It was something that was made already (with her ex-boyfriend). I definitely sort of had forgotten that it had been made. After some things have happened in my life, I was approached by Vivid ... where they wanted to do a deal where they pick a porn star, or whoever I pick, and they would film the whole thing," she said. "I turned that down, and then it must have been like seven or eight months later that Exquisite Films had gotten an email from whoever had gotten the tape (with the ex boyfriend). (They said) we can't do this without your consent, we'll pay you X-amount of dollars, and they'll edit it. I didn't think there was [anything] too raunchy about it. I didn't want a porn company filming something under their control."

Waltz also explained that her tape did not make a big splash because she signed with Exquisite instead of Vivid. "Because Vivid and TMZ have such a strong bond together, it was thrown under the rug. I just know the two owners are very tight." Waltz said. "The minute something like that happens they call them and have them break all of the news. It's a very hot news story, so for TMZ to give the exclusive, they stay loyal to each other."

An adult entertainment insider backed up Waltz's claims, as did Howard Levine, the president of Exile video, a division of Exquisite, which ended up releasing Waltz's tape.

"When we were putting out the Jasmine Waltz title from Exile Distribution and contacted TMZ to do a piece on it, they refused," Levine said. "Did it affect her sales because of TMZ? Yes, it did affect sales, but it still did very well."

Hirsch denied the claims Vivid and TMZ had a special relationship.

"That's nonsense," he said. "We have the same relationships with all of the sites, including"

TMZ did not return our emails for comment.

Diana Falzone is a reporter. You busty mature can follow her on Twitter @dianafalzone.


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IHG latest hotel chain to phase out on-demand porn

Banning on-demand adult entertainment has officially become a trend in the hotel industry, with the InterContinental Hotels Group announcing plans to eliminate the content offering at its more than 5,000 properties around the world.

The world's largest hotel company joins Hilton Worldwide and Hyatt Hotels, which announced plans to begin phasing naturel busty webcams out pornography at their hotels last year. Both companies plan to completely eliminate on-demand pornography by this upcoming summer.

In an emailed statement to, an IHG spokesperson said the company already had a policy in place to discourage IHG -branded hotels from offering on-demand adult content but said the new policy will enforce "strict penalties" against hotels that continue to offer it.

"This commitment by IHG comes about as a new normal expands across the hotel industry, where increasingly hoteliers are recognizing that pornography is an exploitive means of profit, partly due to pornography's link to prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual violence," National Center on Sexual Exploitation Executive Director Dawn Hawkins stated in a response to IHG's announcement.

In addition to facing outside pressure from groups like NCOSE, a significant dropoff in revenues from on-demand adult entertainment in recent years has provided hotel chains with incentive to make a change.

Research from PKF Hospitality shows that revenue from on-demand pornography has been cut in half over the past decade as guests turn to mobile devices and hotel Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, IHG's announcement comes just before NCOSE is set to release its "Dirty Dozen List" for 2016, highlighting what it deems to be the 12 leading mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation.

Prior to its decision to do away with on-demand entertainment in 2015, Hilton Worldwide spent a short period of time on the list. However it's safe to say IHG won't be included on NCOSE's latest Dirty Dozen List when its released Thursday.

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Death and Harry Potter - InfoBarrel

The Harry Potter series of films and books may be classified as children's entertainment but some contain adult themes. No, they do not have bad language, sex and the like but the plot sometimes touches on what I would deem as more adult content. Sure plenty of adults, myself included, love these books and films but ultimately they were written and made for children.

Death in Harry Potter

As the magical tale of Harry Potter unfolds, we glimpse death on more than one occasion. From the outset of the saga, death is always close at hand, albeit lurking in the shadows. The first Harry Potter book begins with two deaths that are central to the Harry Potter tale.

As a mere child in arms, Harry escapes death at the hands of Lord Voldemort. He is saved by his mother's love. Harry's parents are not so lucky, however, and they are both slain.

And so the tale begins.

Each book of the series holds some person's or some creature's death. The caretaker in the old Riddle house, Sirius Black, Dumbledore and more. With characters such as Neville Longbottom's parents left in a spell induced, catatonic state, from which they will never return, we see that death comes in many forms. After all, theirs is a kind of living death which sees them incarcerated forever at St Mungo's Hospital for magical maladies.

When Dumbledore's death arrives, unbeknown to Harry, his school friends and his teachers, it has been planned by the victim. Suffering an injury, which he knows will ultimately cause his demise, Dumbledore chooses to lay down his life, in order to achieve some purpose. He sacrifices himself at a time when the best use can be made of his death.

With the flick of a wand and an unspeakable curse he is gone.

In the fantastic world of Harry Potter, though, death leaves behind more than in our world. We usually have photographs of our deceased loved ones and sometimes, if we are lucky, we have home movies. However, in the magical world, portrayed in these books, the characters have photographs that actually have life. Well a life of sorts.

In the later books the deaths become more nasty, as the terror resurfaces into the world being portrayed. An old lady, for example, whose dead body is inhabited by the huge snake, Nagini, which explodes out of her body in a moment of horror.

With an ongoing theme of Good winning out over Evil casualties were always on the cards. Each book sees a battle of sorts with the fallen on all sides but, overall, good being triumphant.

Then as the final battle rages Harry resigns himself to what he thinks will be his fate. Death at the hands of Lord Voldemort and his cronies, the Death Eaters. Harry vows to sacrifice himself, to win the final battle.

The ultimate evil practiced by Lord Voldemort is the splitting of his immortal soul into separate parts, in order to live forever and become invincible. What form this life will take though, is another matter altogether.

To split his soul Voldemort has to commit murder. One murder for each of the Horcruxes, or parts of his soul, that he wants to save. Seven people are killed to provide for his needs. These deaths are possibly the most important to the Harry Potter tale.

With a person's soul split, especially by such means, that person becomes little more than a living evil or a half life. This creation is not easily killed but yet he or she has no proper life. In many ways they have a living death.

For me, it shows that life at any price is not always acceptable. Perhaps it never is.

Dumbledore's and Harry's quest to find the missing Horcruxes is fraught with danger. One search leads to a challenge from the Inferi or Zombies.

Death, in its many forms plays a central role in the Harry Potter tale, but then it does in life.

Remember "In obese webcam the midst of life we are in death". In this respect, the magical world of Harry Potter is just like our own world. As the author, J K Rowling, portrays death appropriately it should se something that the audience, even a younger audience, can cope with.

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WARNING ADULT CONTENT: Australia, just don't go there.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This Gympie letter writer is concerned about the apparent increase in anal sex in Australia and its implications for our young people. Warning, this letter contains graphic content and is not at all appropriate for readers under the age of 18:

There seems to be a disturbing increase in the practice of buggery (anal sex).

Apart from the disease that is attributable to buggery, there are other consequences.

A well-known Aussie comedian recently said that many of the internet porn sites depict men and women in the sex act with anal penetration. She made the point that women generally don't want that, and sent the message for men to stick with vaginal sex, as this is why women were designed with vaginas.

With the rise of pornography as a major source of sex education for teenagers now, with some experts estimating that 100% of children will view porn before their eighteenth birthday, they have this unnatural act of buggery pushed on them as being the norm, and even preferred practice.

Teenage girls are increasingly experiencing internal damage from anal sex, after they are pressured into this by boys, who are mimicking the porn they view.

There's an old Aussie off-handed slang saying "go to buggery," but I say Australia, DON'T go to buggery.

Just because this is being pushed on us for some reason, doesn't make it right.

Kerry Townsend,


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