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The Ending Matters ? : "Secret Window" (2004) Movie Reviewby Alex Dino24 hours ago

In 2004, Johnny Depp starred in this Stephen King/David Koepp collaboration. Those three names alone on a poster should guarantee a cinematic home-run. Is it the case ? Read on !

The Weaknesses of the Bible's Creation Story in Terms of Scienceby Chris Mills5 hours ago

Genesis One, without allowing for some miracles and missing science, isn't a convincing explanation for the origin of the universe and life on Earth. In this paraphrase, I highlight the missing parts.

The Dual Pathway Model of ADHDby jhamann17 hours ago

Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have problems with poor academic performance, conduct disorders, and higher risk taking behaviors (Durston, 2003). Research has shown that a reason for ADHD...

Training: A Way to Navigate through Economic Recessionby Raj16 hours ago

Whether the economy underperforms or excels, employers should support the training needs of employees. Training, as a strategy, helps staff with capacity building, skill development and motivation.

November 2016 Sun City Democratic Newsletter/Blog Right Now!by NMLady27 hours ago

THIS JUST IN: HILLARY IN PHOENIX WEDNESDAY! Sun City Arizona Democratic Club News & Info. Updated Regularly! Join us first Thursdays at 6pm. BIG Election Night Party!

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Protecting Against Pornography in the Digital Age

Protecting Against Pornography in the Digital Age

 by: Nate Baslow

It was inevitable with the birth of the Internet that pornography would wind its way into this new digital territory. With all of the value provided by online information and communication technologies, these advancements have nonetheless also become inextricably linked with developments in pornography distribution. Fortunately, new technology brings not only new outlets for pornography, but also new ways to protect against it.

There are several sources of unwanted pornography. The web is the most obvious one, but adult content also makes its way on to external drives (floppy, CD-ROM, DVD and flash), into email attachments and on to files that may be shared in a networked environment. The right software can protect you across all of these distribution avenues.

The first factor to evaluate when choosing protection software is how the software does its job. Many products designed to protect against pornography rely on databases of known pornographic web sites. Unfortunately, the speed of life on the Internet means that web sites are added and edited around the clock, and databases quickly grow outdated. The best software solutions use technology that dynamically blocks offensive images before they are displayed and viewed. This type of technology, unlike database-driven software, means that even new threats are recognized and blocked before they hit your screen.

Monitoring computer usage goes hand in hand with detecting pornography on the PC. Strong protection software uses two monitoring weapons: a visible deterrent that lets users know they are being monitored, and a reporting function that keeps detailed records of what, when and where pornography is viewed. Sometimes the visible deterrent is enough to ward of inappropriate behavior. When it's not, automated record-keeping tracks behavior so that you can handle it at your own discretion.

Flexibility also impacts the effectiveness of a software solution, which means the software you select should be customizable. The right level of protection depends on the audience, and you need to be able to set the appropriate controls accordingly. This includes both setting sensitivity levels and defining your own known safe (white) and unsafe (black) web sites.

The last two key components in protection software are where it works and how much it costs. The where is important because, as the world moves to laptops, a server-based solution is no solution at all. Protection must extend to stand-alone PCs or mobile computers (when not connected to a network). Wherever the user goes, the software shield against pornography should follow.

Cost can be either a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription. Are you are willing to shell out dollars on a monthly or annual basis, or would you rather spend money once and avoid ongoing payments? Most filtering protection software products require ongoing payments via a monthly or annual fee, but others that are installed on home computers or business networks are obtained through a one-time license fee. If you prefer to "buy" a solution rather than "rent" it at an ongoing cost, look for one that offers that option.

There are a lot of products on the market designed to protect against pornography. Choosing the right one for your home, office or organization will make a critical difference in the quality of your digital life. Evaluate your options and select software that blocks offensive images at the point of display, includes monitoring capabilities and meets the specific needs of your environment. These key elements will steer you toward the highest quality solution for improved online security and productivity.

About The Author

Nate Baslow enjoys writing about Internet security topics, and recommends Guardware products to block pornography.

This article was posted on March 03, 2006


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Sexuality :: Watching Adult DVD With Your Woman

Watching adult dvd with your wife is a way to become sexually stimulated as well as to carry out sexual fantasies and desires you may have. Beginning the process of watching movies at adults with your wife, as well as to find the best techniques to talk to your wife about watching porn help you use cinema as a tool to be boosted to raise the love sessions.

The first thing you want to keep in mind before you ask your girlfriend or wife to watch porn with you is how long you have been in the relationship and the opening of the sexual desires that are part of the relationship. For example, if it is a newer relationship, you may want to wait to fulfill this fantasy. This may cause her to feel uncomfortable or can make you look like one who is not considerate of his thoughts and approaches to sex. If you are at some point in your relationship where talk of sex is more open and honest, then you know it's time to ask him to watch porn with you.

The next step is to ask your girlfriend or wife to watch porn with you is to ensure that it is involved in the decision and comfortable with what is chosen. The idea of watching porn with a woman must be a way to carry out sexual fantasies with each other, as well as to initiate sexual pleasure and preliminary. Know what their sexual fantasies before you decide on a porno film, and what runs on it will help you avoid offending your girlfriend or wife thinking watching porn with her.

Once you have made these determinations, and are confident that the two partners are comfortable with using pornography as a tool to arouse sexual pleasure, you can look at different porn movies available. All have different themes, situations, and the types of people who are in the film. It will be important to find one that is not offensive, and whoever finds the right level of sexual desire of both you and your wife. In this context, it is important that both receive their share of fantasy fulfilled when searching for the right thematic material.

When an adult dvd watching with your wife, it will be important to be relaxed and to have the ability to use adult dvd film as a tool for your own desires. This will enable the leadership that you and your sex partner during or after the porn movie, because it can be used as a means of excitement between you and a partner. Once you have found the right film porno, you can use the film as a tool to get the same techniques and fantasies made in your own room.

Watching adult dvd with your wife is an effective way to achieve sexual fantasies and excitement. Ensure that the adult dvd film brings a good attitude toward you and your partner, and to allow for porn to be used as a tool for better sex will help you be able to approach your subject watching porn and women feel comfortable while taking part in sexual desires.

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11 Totally Normal Things That Happen During Pregnant Sex ... And After

When you're expecting, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about the baby -- and what will happen after he or she arrives. There are strollers to buy! Prenatal vitamins to pop! Birth plans to devise! But sex -- the having of it (or not) during pregnancy and beyond -- is one of those things that's trickier to prepare for.

And let's face it ... things change. Body parts go wonky; emotions go haywire -- and that's all before sleep deprivation kicks in. Even the most sexually confident woman might wonder: This thing that's happening here, is that normal? And there's not much guidance. "A lot of couples have a lot of questions about sex," agreed Dr. Lauren Streicher, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University and author of the forthcoming Love Sex Again. "And doctors aren't bringing it up."

Which is why Streicher and several other notables in the sexual health arena agreed to share a few of the very common things that happen during pregnant sex and sex after childbirth. What's on your list?

1. You Might Be Really Horny ...

happy woman dream

During the second trimester, many women experience a surge of hormones (including testosterone), which can significantly boost their sex drive, said Rose Hartzell, a certified sex therapist with San Diego Sexual Medicine. (Add in the overwhelming relief that accompanies the end of morning sickness.) At the same time, it's not uncommon for a woman's partner to report being particularly turned on by her body -- namely, her growing breasts -- said Streicher. And that could lead to an overall boost in couple-wide randiness, if you will.

"I find that there are usually two camps: women who find that they have heightened sexuality during pregnancy, and those who feel just completely asexual," said Streicher. Hartzell agreed, saying that media outlets tend to oversell the horny story and under-report the "um, no thanks" response to pregnant sex, leaving some women feeling inadequate when it comes to their sexual appetites. But both are totally common reactions to pregnancy, the experts say, as are serious libidinal fluctuations throughout.

3. Your Breasts Might Leak.

"If your partner is handling your breasts and nipples, sometimes that's going to cause a little bit of fluid to come out, which can kind of freak people out if they're not expecting it," said Streicher. It typically begins in the second trimester, she explained, adding that it can be difficult for a woman's partner to adjust to the idea that her breasts are not simply there for sexual pleasure. And the potential freak-out quotient can have not-so-great consequences for a couples' sexual satisfaction. "A lot of women really depend on breast stimulation to get aroused, so when someone is backing off on that, it can have an impact on their pleasure," Streicher said.

4. You Might Have Really Intense Orgasms ...

feet in bed

"Orgasms can be more pleasurable during pregnancy," explained Stephanie Buehler, a psychologist and sex therapist who runs The Buehler Institute. "There is increased blood flow to the genitals. Also, the pregnant woman produces more of certain hormones, like oxytocin, that can make orgasms especially intense." And evidence suggests that the oxytocin (the so-called love hormone) can cross the placental barrier to your baby, Hartzell said. Good news for you and your baby!

5. ... And Be Forced To Think Outside Of The Box.

As pregnancy progresses and women's bodies change, many once beloved sexual positions are no longer comfortable ... or even feasible. "A lot of parents realize that their typical sex positions are going to have to change, but until it happens, I don't think they realize what a big transition it is," said Hartzell. Think of it as a good time to get creative and experiment with different positions (side-by-side is often a good option), props or other means of giving and receiving sexual pleasure, such as oral sex, massages or just plain kissing, she said.

1. You Might Do Non-Intercourse Stuff First.

A 2012 study that looked at mothers' desire postpartum found that women tended to perform oral sex on their partners or masturbate before they were ready to have intercourse or receive oral sex themselves. Indeed, roughly 40 percent of women reported they masturbated within the first few weeks of having a baby. By the end of the first three months, 85 percent said they'd started having intercourse again, but Streicher said data suggests that many women don't totally enjoy it right away. Thus, the "you're good to go after six weeks" advice that most doctors give to couples after a vaginal birth or C-section simply isn't realistic -- or all that helpful, she said.

2. You Could Feel 'Touched Out.'

african american woman baby

This phenomenon can certainly happen to both partners, but Buehler said it's particularly common for women to report feeling "touched out" after caring for a newborn. "Cuddling, breastfeeding, rocking and even changing the baby take a lot of hands-on care," she said. Buehler advised that taking a break for a solo cup of tea or bath can help make whichever partner is feeling kind of "meh" about contact feel more receptive to their partner's touch.

"I'd say the number one thing women don't expect is vaginal dryness," said Streicher, adding that it may cause pain during sexual activity. The dryness, she explained, results from a lack of estrogen, particularly among women who breastfeed. A good lubricant can help, but if the dryness persists, Streicher suggests talking to your health care provider about your options.

4. ... But Also Have Leakage Issues.

Another change for which Streicher believes women are woefully unprepared is the incontinence that can occur after childbirth. "It's not unusual at all ... and women also tend to have a loss of urine with sexual activity," she said. "Most women haven't been told about it, and they don't know if it will go away." For many women, urine leakage (during sex or otherwise) does indeed go away on its own, usually within a matter of weeks or months, she said; for others, pelvic floor physical therapy may be necessary, or they might benefit from using an at-home kegel exerciser device.

5. Partners Might Experience Changes, Too.

man with newborn

It seems just a tad obvious, but studies are only just beginning to show that having a child affects partners' sexual desire, as well. An August study that focused on heterosexual couples in committed relationships found that men also experience highs and lows in terms of sexual desire, post-baby (and lows were often a result of the usual suspects: fatigue, stress and lack of time). Hartzell put it simply: "It's going to be different than it was before the baby arrives."

6. The Negative Stuff Won't Last Forever.

Which is not to imply that all new mothers or partners experience a dip in post-childbirth sexual desire or activity -- they don't. And a recent study suggests that any potential issues aren't long-lasting. Researchers with the University of California San Francisco found that two years after childbirth, there was no notable link between having a baby and subsequent low desire, sub-monthly sexual activity or low overall sexual satisfaction.

In other words, this too shall pass.

Expecting? Use our pregnancy week-by-week calendar to find out what's happening with baby now!

1 Week Pregnant

OK, so technically you're not pregnant yet, but your due date is based on the first day of your last period, which is considered week one of your pregnancy.

What's happening to baby: Nothing yet, but as soon as fertilization occurs, your baby will begin undergoing thousands of changes over the next 40 weeks.

What's happening to Mom: As you prepare for this long journey, start cleaning up your diet, eliminating drugs, alcohol and caffeine, and ask your doctor about taking a prenatal vitamin.

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Twitter's Vine Includes Pornographic Content

Twitter's Vine, an app that allows you to create six-second videos, launched late last week to much excitement. Within hours, thousands of people on Twitter were tweeting short videos. Vinepeek, a new site that lets you watch streams of so-called Vines from around the world, even sprang up.

But some of those short videos began to include pornography.

Over the weekend technology websites, including Business Insider, The Verge and TechCrunch reported that a search for "#porn" in the new app brought up many videos with hardcore porn.

Vine says that users can report this content and the video will be covered with a warning message. "Users can report videos as inappropriate within the product if they believe the content to be sensitive or inappropriate (e.g. nudity, violence, or medical procedures)," Twitter said in a statement to ABC News. "Videos that have been reported as inappropriate have a warning message that a viewer must click through before viewing the video."

More: An Unmoderated Glimpse Into Life Around the World

Twitter and Vine said they will only remove the video if it violates its guidelines. "Uploaded videos that are reported and determined to violate our guidelines will be removed from the site, and the user account that posted the video may be terminated," Twitter said. Vine's Terms of Service does not explicitly say anything about pornography or nudity. A search by ABC News for #porn within the app brought up at least 10 pornographic clips, many of which were not covered up by the warning message.

To make matters worse, this morning a pornographic video containing images of oral sex was marked as an "Editor's Choice" in the Vine app. Twitter apologized in a statement: "A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor's Picks, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately. We apologize to our users for the error."

Users noticed the misplaced and pornographic video. Many tweeted about the issue and one user complained in a review in Apple's App Store: "If my kids got a hold of this I would be so mad. There is no way to block users or make sure unwanted videos stay off."

The review brings up issues surrounding the app's presence in Apple's App Store. Apple has long limited apps with pornography. Just last week it pulled the 500px photo-sharing app because of complaints about nudity.

"The app was removed from the App Store for featuring pornographic images and material, a clear violation of our guidelines," Apple's Tom Neumayr said in a statement to ABC News last week. "We also received customer complaints about possible child pornography. We've asked the developer to put safeguards in place to prevent pornographic images and material in their app."

Vine, however, has been one of the top apps in the App Store since it was released last week, receiving Apple's Editor's Choice award. It is rated 12+, for teenagers or older, with a warning of "infrequent/mild sexual content or nudity." 500px was able to resubmit its app after putting stricter filtering settings in place and adjusting the rating of the app.

Apple declined to comment about Vine.

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